Let justice rule!
July 20–26,
Chernihiv region,
ShishkiNN Hotel
June 5,

Participation is free of charge!

We will cover accommodation, meals and training materials


If you have any troubles with the application form, please send all the requested info on our e-mail: criminaljustice.ua@gmail.com

Summer School
If you have any certificate to confirm your English language level:
CV in English should contain information about education, working experience, volunteering experience and any related activities. CV should be no more than 1 page without photo and any design processing.
You have to choose ONE of the two options:

Option 1 - Interview:
Choose the date and time below to contact you for the interview if you don't choose the previous option
or Option 2 - Text Motivation:
Please explain your understanding of this phrase: «Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere» Martin Luther King
Choosing this option you have write text motivation - 200-300 word